How The Week Went Down + Healthy Vaca Planning

Come on 5:00. Come on 5:00. Come on 5:00…

I’m soooooooo ready for vacation, you guys! I’m packed, I’ve printed the itinerary, flight information and checked us in online and now I just need a few more hours to pass so that I can head home and countdown until our flight takes off! :)

I’ve arranged a few guest posts next week while I’m away, which I think you’re going to love. Thank girls for putting them together for me – you rock! I’ll be back on Monday, June 16th with all the Florida details for you, so you all better not forget about me while I’m gone.

This week can be summed up in one word – CRAZY! I’m so happy to say that the baby shower is all set, the Make A Wish – Walk For Wishes is done – as much as I can do anyway, blog posts are scheduled and I am totally mentally checked out from this day. 3 more hours….

Anyway, here’s how the week went down: 


I wasn’t as squeaky clean as I should’ve been and I have to admit I think I was stress eating a bit. I enjoyed some red wine, a couple cookies and I think a couple french fries made their way in, too. Overall, I’d say it was still decent, just not as perfect as I intended, but I’m not stressing! Especially because the majority of my meals looked like this:


I got my workouts in all week, which was good. Unfortunately, I’ll be missing today and most likely tomorrow (travel day), but I packed clothes and am totally planning to workout while on vacation.

blog1There was a lot of cardio this week and I also did upper body one day. Last night I opted for cardio over lower body, so I’d like to do legs Sunday or Monday.

I wanted to share with you how I plan to keep it (mostly) healthy while on vacation for a whole week. My routine is going to go out the window, I’m aware of this, however, there are some things I plan to do to keep it healthy when I can.



1.) Research. 

I checked the hotel we’re staying at to make sure it has it a fitness facility. I also took a minute to see what’s in the area as far as area activities – such as tennis, jogging trails, and even the hotel pool, which can be used for laps! Plus, let’s not forget about the beach for running walking.

2.) Plan Ahead. 

Even though I know our hotel has a workout facility, I don’t know what kind of equipment it’s going to have and it could end up being packed with people. Therefore, I packed workout DVDs. I’m taking the 21 Day FIX workouts and Mandy, Dan’s sister is bringing T25, so I know we’ll be set! I also packed multiple workout outfits, earphones, and my Polar FT4.


3.) Stash Snacks 

I’m all about saving money and calories, so I went ahead and packed some food that I knew would hold up well during travel.

blog5I packed Shakeology (obviously), oats in a baggie with cinnamon, additional packets of oatmeal and some Cliff bars. I also packed some of my favorite coconut coffee grounds because, well why not?! Actually… I’m a bit of a coffee snob. :)


4.) Don’t Be Scared to Ask. 

I fully intended to pack a blender in my suitcase. I have this nice small Oster one, which wouldn’t have taken up too much room at all and I prefer my shakes blended, so I planned to save room for it. Then, my mother (moms are so smart) told me to call the hotel about getting a blender in my room. Well much to my satisfaction, our room is a stocked kitchen and there’s already a blender in there. PERFECT!

5.) One Meal Splurge. 

I will mostly like have a small breakfast – either oats or fruit – and then a shake or something else we grab from the grocery for lunch. I figure if I can keep those meals on the smaller/healthier side then that’ll give me more room to splurge a bit at dinner. Perhaps we end up ordering something out for lunch, then I’ll keep it smaller for dinner. It’s vacation, so I’m well aware that meals will be indulgences at time and I’m ok with it! That’s why we have tip #1 and #2, right?!

So those are my goals to keep it healthier going into the week! Mostly, I’m ready for sunshine and time with Dan and his family. It’s going to be a blast!

What are your tips to help keep a vacation on the healthier side? Do you stash snacks in your suitcase? Would you consider packing a blender? 

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    Hi! I am a new blog reader (thanks to all of my internet searches for 21 day fix information!) and I really love this post. I literally just purchased the base package of the 21 Day Fix today and I am thrilled and nervous. I leave for South Haven, MI on July 13th for a family vacation so I am very much looking forward to seeing what I can do before then. I love your posts and look forward to reading your blog every day! I hope you have a wonderful vacation! :)
    Ashlye recently posted…how will you celebrate?My Profile

  2. says

    These are great tips! I struggle with maintaining my healthy diet while on vacation, and coming back with a few pounds to lose can sure be frustrating. On big trips I usually don’t care, but when I’m doing a lot of little weekend ones I’ll definitely put these to use! Thanks again!
    Georgia Mae recently posted…GraduationMy Profile

  3. says

    I actually don’t worry about eats/workouts while on vacation because all my vacations are very active usually. I try not to go crazy with eats, but def explore the town through their food!! I wouldn’t pack a blender, but I would totally understand if someone did! HA!
    Brittany recently posted…ob·ses·sionMy Profile

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