Foolproof Your Fix – 21 Day Fix Tips for Success

Good Morning!

I am a busy little bee this week. There’s so much going on between packing for Florida, getting things set for my friend, Katie’s, baby shower (which is going to be adorable and I’m going to miss :( ), organizing the breakfast for the Make A Wish – Walk For Wishes (also going to miss < stellar planning on my part) and going through the normal work, workout, meal prep routine. Not going to lie, I’ve been a little stressed, but I know what’s on the other end of this week, so I’m trucking through and making do!

Today I wanted to talk a little about the 21 Day Fix and a couple tips and tricks that have helped me along the way. I haven’t followed the program to a T, but it has certainly changed the way I eat and helped me lose a couple pounds, so I’m happy to share what has gotten me to this point.


1.) Create a Plan. As soon as the box arrived on my doorstep, I took everything out, played with the containers and started to read the manual (eating plan) that it comes with.

blog1It’s laid out so well and everything is super easy to understand and follow. I knew that after a few days I’d have it down pat. First thing was first, I used the calculation that’s provided to figure out which calorie bracket I was in. Of course, as I figured, the lowest one (1,200-1,500). I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about the 1,200 calories. It seemed so low to me.

After some research, I came to realize that since I was doing more than just the FIX workouts, I was able to up the calories a bit, which made me happy.

I got to work creating a meal plan, but I had no idea where to start and that leads to me number two.

2.) Hop on Pinterest. This was a life savior. There are so many meal ideas and even meal plans that helped me out when creating my own week of meals. I loved having Pinterest to refer to – it definitely was a great tool. Check out all of these pins or you can check out my 21 Day Fix board that I started here for more ideas, too.


3.) Shop and Prep. If you go into the week unorganized, with no list and no groceries, you’re setting yourself up to fail. So, after you make your meal plan, make a list of all the foods you need for the meals and get yourself to the store. Spend an hour prepping as much food as you can. I always made a big salad, overnight oats or eggs with spinach (enough for two days), sweet potatoes, quinoa, and grilled chicken. Having these things on hand and ready made life much easier.

4.) Make Sure You Sweat. While the eating portion of this plan is crucial, it is certainly just as important to get your workouts in. I must admit, I was nervous to try out the workouts with Autumn, because as you all know, I’m such a Chalene Johnson (TurboFire) fan. I felt as if I was cheating on my girl, Chalene! Fear not, Autunm is a pretty awesome trainer, too! I actually really enjoy the FIX workouts and use the Cardio and ab DVD most often and every time – I’m sore – love it!


5.) Join a Group. There’s a Facebook group called 21 Day Fix Recipe/Meal Swap where people post their meal ideas, meal plans, and other tips that have helped them, which I found great as a reference. I myself, also created a group called, 21 Day Fix Chicks, and I just have some of my girlfriends in there as accountability, but I also lead groups for the program, too!

6.) Use the Tools. They provide you with containers for a reason, so be sure you’re using them to measure your food. There are also documents online to keep tabs of how many containers you use at each meal. I used them for a while, but eventually I just kind of knew how my day would go and didn’t need to keep count.


7.) Drink Your Shakeology. I stopped drinking Shakeology for a while and then decided when I started the FIX that I’d add it back into my daily meals. Oh man. I don’t know how it went so long without it. Now I crave it! It’s such a good way to get nutrients in, it fills me up and give me energy and the best part is that when I’m short on time, it’s quick and easy!

blog7Note: They sell these color coded baggies at Target that make it great for things that don’t fit in the containers! 

I hope some of these tips help. I’m a huge advocate of the 21 Day FIX. Such a simple way to learn how to eat and how to split up your meals. I never felt deprived and most often I hear from people that it’s too much food. The workouts are great, under 30 minutes and effective!

If you want more information or added into my group, comment here or email me at :)

For morning information on the program, head to my page!


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  1. says

    A great roundup of tips. I think the planning scares people away, but it’s the most do-able meal planning I have ever used. I pretty much stick with it all the time because it’s so easy. I just up my calories so I am not always eating restricted. For me, printing my meal plan and having that on the fridge is the deal maker or breaker!
    Kayla recently posted…If We Were Having A Cocktail Right Now…My Profile

  2. says

    Thanks for the tips. My hubby and I have been doing the fix for about 10 days now. We are following it to a T. He isnt doing the workouts. He has lost almost 7lbs while I have only lost 1. I feel like I am doing something wrong.

    • Brandi says

      How much are you trying to lose and which calorie bracket are you in? Also, it’s not all about pounds but how many inches have you lost? I know it sounds counterintuitive but you could possibly try going up a calorie bracket; that worked for a friend of mine who was on a plateau. Just some suggestions.

  3. April says

    I just got 21 day fix in the mail today. I already feel like returning it. When I read through the food lists, some of the lists I honestly only like 1 thing to pick from. For a picky eater I don’t know if this is the best plan for me. I feel like I will be hungry because of the limited choices I will have. Any suggestions?

  4. Ally says

    What is your favorite shakeology? I got vanilla and I think it’s gross. Also what are some of your favorite recipes?

    • Lauren says

      My favorite is regular Chocolate, however, I’m a fan of both vanilla and strawberry, as well. I like PB in my vanilla and my chocolate. Some of my favorite recipes are: OJ with the vanilla, strawberries and coconut with chocolate, banana in strawberry, pb/banana in chocolate! Hope this helps! Go online to the beachbody website and there are tons of recipes, too!!

  5. Kim says

    Thanks for the tips. I haven’t ordered my 21 day fix yet, I’m just doing my research and this program looks great. Does the kit provide shakeology recipes too?

  6. ChristyLeigh says

    This was incredibly informative! I have been debating on this for a minute now and I think I really want to give it a try. I graduate from college in exactly two months and I just want to be able to look and feel so good on that day!

    Thanks for the great post! :)

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