How The Week Went Down

How is your day going?! Did you see what’s back? Per your request, Fashion Friday

This week flew for me and thank goodness for that because I’m more than ready to see Dan – it’s been 10 long days – ugh!

Tonight and tomorrow we really don’t have any plans, just laying low and Sunday we’re headed back to Cleveland for a Cavs game and I’m off again on Monday – woohoo!

This week was pretty good, as far as, fitness and food went. I was really happy about Turbo on Wednesday – it made me feel really good and I’m hoping to be doing it more often! Food was so much of the usual with a little flare fit in, too.

Here’s how the week went down:



blog2There were salads and eggs with fruit, per usual, and last night, we attempted this Spaghetti Squash Pizza, which was a bit of a fail, but we know what we can do to improve it. So, next time, I’ll be sure to take more pictures and blog about it. I think parchment paper is going to be the key. My tilapia with broccoli and sweet potato fries was delish and of course, having Chocolate Shakeology one night made me so happy!

blog5I’ll be having it again today at lunch with almond milk, spinach and strawberries after my lower body lift.



I was really bad at keeping track of my workouts this week. I did, however, follow the plan to a T.

Monday – Renegade
Tuesday – Upper Body Lift
Wednesday – Abs + Turbo
Thursday – Renegade
Friday – Lower Body Lift
Saturday – Renegade
Sunday – Rest

I’m looking forward to getting in my workout tomorrow morning and then running to get more produce for the week. Since I’m leaving on Sunday I want to stay on top of it, so that I’m prepared once I’m back in town!

Earlier this week: 

  • I guest posted for Kayla over at Variety by Vashti and created an awesome circuit workout you can take anywhere.
  • I guest posted for Dean over at Man Flow Yoga about how to fuel your body to be lean.
  • Dean also guest posted for me about how he’s stays ripped with yoga and how it’s so much more than flexibility.
  • I announced the winners of the organicgirl GIVEAWAY! (Be sure you email me your address if you won!)
  • I made my first FABLETICS purchase!

Lastly, I just want to thank POPSUGAR for my awesome sweatshirt that they sent me as a welcome gift – I love it!


It was an awesomely busy and productive week and there are some pretty cool things in the works for F2BF so be sure you check back and stay tuned!



— Lauren



  1. Julie says

    I love Pop Sugar! Awesome hoodie! Are you blogging for them now? I must’ve missed that post, but, their treadmill workouts are my FAVE!

    • Lauren says

      Thanks – yes, I’m a POPSUGAR Select Fitness Blogger now. :) They’ve been posting some awesome circuit workouts, too!

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