How I Prep and Plan for a Healthy Week

Good Afternoon!

We’re already to mid-week, guys! How wonderful. :)

I started my morning with a delicious cup of Dunkin Donuts Apple Pie flavored coffee sans creamer…

I have decided to give up creamer for Lent. I have an unhealthy addiction to it, plus I’m not even suppose to have it during the challenge I’m participating in, so this just further restricts it. Instead, I’ll be using almond milk and cinnamon – like I should have been doing to begin with.


Just like I would previously talk about my lifting routine but never mapped it out for you until recently, I also always talk about how I ‘meal prep’, but again, I never get into details about it. So, today, I wanted to break down what it is I do each Sunday to plan for a healthy week.

1.) Grocery Shopping¬†– I typically do my shopping on Thursday or Sunday each week. If I’m leaving for Cleveland on Friday, then I like to have my groceries in the fridge to prep when I arrive home on Sunday and if I stay home from Cleveland, I just do everything on Sunday.


*This is an older picture, ignore the creamer. ūüėȬ†

Staple items are: 

– chicken breast, brown eggs, cottage cheese, greek yogurt

– carrots, cucumber, cauliflower, spinach…lot’s of spinach, apples, oranges, lemons

Items I use, but don’t need to buy on a weekly basis:¬†

  • almond milk, ezekiel wraps/bread, salmon, peanut butter, black beans, quinoa, ground turkey, sweet potatoes

2.) Plan Your Meals¬†– Take time to sit down and actually plan what you’ll be eating at each meal. For me, breakfast and lunch are easy because nine times out of ten, I eat the same thing. I try to change it up when it comes to snacks and dinner, although I kind of have a trend with those, too. But I still like a plan. I like to see what I need to prep and pack up for work. Also, when I get home at 6:30pm from working out, I don’t want to have to think about what to make, because I’m so hungry that it’d end up being less healthy. So, plan!

Google ‘meal plan template’ to get a basic sheet to stay organized, or check these out!

3.) Prep Your Meals – Take time over the weekend, after you shop, to prep your food.

Here’s what I usually prep, which makes my life much easier during the week!

Salad – for dinners at home and work lunches. I make a ton so that I can throw it into a tupperware for lunch, but also so that I have that basic salad made up and I can add stuff to it throughout the week for dinners.



Protein– same idea. Make a bunch so that you can add it to different dishes as the week goes by. I always cook chicken on Sunday and mid week usually a piece of fish or turkey burgers.



The leftover fish can later be added to the same salad you already have made, too. From dinner to lunch!

blog6 blog9

Eggs – I make 2-3 days worth of eggs (1 egg + 2 egg whites/serving) . I use spinach and any other veggies that sound good and top them with salsa. They aren’t pretty, but they do the trick!


Snacks – I usually pack a variety of items to mix and match for my snacks and I pack for a couple days.


I like having options because I don’t know what I’m going to be in the mood for. Another snack, that I don’t have often, due to lack of preparation, is Shakeology Balls. These little bits of deliciousness are so easy to make and good for a sweet bite when you need it.


Lastly, for a healthy week;

4.) Create your Workout Schedule I do this every Monday and although it might change a bit here and there, at least I have a tentative schedule to follow and stick to! I post it on the blog for accountability, but you could make it as simple as a sticky note reminder.

Tell me, how do you set up to have a healthy week? 



— Lauren



  1. says

    I absolutely have to have a meal plan. Otherwise I’ll end up making something unhealthy! Also, I love your lunch bag! I have one from that brand in the opposite combo of colors (black bag, white dots) but it isn’t a lunch bag.
    Britt@MyOwnBalance recently posted…Marvelous MarchMy Profile

    • Lauren says

      Yes, without a plan, it’s so much easier to grab something unhealthy. Thanks! I actually need to invest in a new one – that bag has seen better days!

  2. says

    I am impressed with your meal planning. I just buy a ton of food on Saturday, cook most of the weekend and eat lots of leftovers all week. The only thing I plan is workouts, if they are not on the agenda, I find them much harder to get in. I also make sure I have almonds in my bag so that I never go hungry…
    Karen – Fit in France recently posted…Been busyMy Profile

    • Lauren says

      Thanks, Karen! I love planning my workouts, too, and it definitely means there’s a better chance of them getting done that way! Mmm, I love almonds as a snack, as well.

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