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Hi there!

How are you? Other than it being horribly cold out, I’m not too bad, and at least the sun is shining!

Based off my pictures, my weekend looks like it  was pretty boring – it appears I didn’t photograph much – but Dan and I had a really good time together! It was the perfect combo of fun and relaxing.


I arrived in Cleveland around 6:00 and was more than ready for a glass of wine, so I was happy to see that Dan had some on the counter! He poured us a glass and started dinner, which was tilapia and buffalo cauliflower. Friday nights are usually super low key and I bring whatever leftovers I have at my house from the week to whip up.

blog7We enjoyed dinner, wine and some Catch Phrase on the couch before calling it a night.


We like to get up early and start the day asap, so that it seems extra long. We rolled out of bed around 7:00, watched the news and then I started on breakfast. On the menu was the usual; coffee, eggs with spinach + mushrooms and Morningstar sausage along with a banana we split and a tiny drop of pb.

blog1After breakfast, Dan had to do his taxes, so I headed up to the workout room. I decided to change things up and warm up on the treadmill. I haven’t run in forever, so I kept it at a slow pace (11min/mile) and actually really enjoyed it. I took my time and completed a little over a mile and a half. Then I headed to the weights to knock out some legs.


I can’t even begin to tell you how good it felt to workout – I could’ve easily skipped, but I’m really trying hard to get my 6 days/week in.

After a shower and some lounging, we decided to head to the casino. Somehow, we ended up spending two hours there. We just took our time each playing and riding the roller coaster of winning and losing. I left, $30 down and Dan left $50 up, but it took him a bit to get back to the winning point. We finally wrapped up and by this time it was 4:00 and we hadn’t eaten lunch, so we just grabbed quick bites.

A gyro for him and Subway salad for me. 

blog3We laid low for a few hours before getting ready to go out with some of his friends. I enjoyed a couple vodka/waters with lemon as we bar hopped a bit. Eventually, we grabbed a cab and headed home.


Unlike Saturday, we slept in for a while – I couldn’t get Hangover Henry out of bed. I decided to make a fancier than normal breakfast for us of; spinach, sausage, goat cheese omelets with cauliflower hash browns.


blog5This was Dan’s plate, mine wasn’t as pretty and I didn’t have an extra sausage patty. I ended up giving him my leftovers from my plate, too, it was a big omelet!

There was a lot of laying around in the afternoon. I finally forced him up to go to the grocery store so that we could get food for his lunches and I got ingredients to make black bean and chicken enchiladas for dinner.

We ate and relaxed and then I packed up to head home. Thankfully, I’ll see him again this Friday – not like the 11 days we just went without seeing each other.

On the agenda this week, I have dinner with my friend and Coach, Angie, then Wednesday I have a Make A Wish meeting, and Thursday is the usual Girl’s Night. I will be fitting in my workouts in between, so here’s how it’s going to look:

Weekly Workout Schedule 

Monday –  Renegade
Tuesday – Renegade
Wednesday – Upper Body 
Thursday – Abs/light cardioRenegade
Friday – Lower Body
Saturday – TBD
Sunday – Off

Meals for the week are pretty low key: 

Breakfast: eggs + spinach + 1/2 piece fruit
Lunch: salad with chicken
Dinners: buffalo chicken quesadilla, chicken + quinoa stir fry, zucchini noodle pasta

That about does it!

One the F2BF this week: 

  • Renegade 49 Day Challenge Review: Phases 1-3
  • Easy Meal Prepping:  What I prep each week
  • How the Week Went Down (review of food and fitness from the week)

How was your weekend? Do anything fun? Did you get in a workout? Any fun plans this week?!




    • Lauren says

      Yes, just shred or throw the cauli into a blender/food processor and saute with onion and garlic! He WAS up $125, but he has a hard time walking away!

    • Lauren says

      That workout room was at my boyfriends apartment – I wish all of that stuff was mine! There are some weekends when I don’t workouts in, either, it’s ok!

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