Polar FT4 Review + The Week So Far

Only 4 hours to go…I can do this.

I’ve had zero motivation for anything this week since today is my Friday. I’m so ready for a four day weekend, although the weather looks pretty crummy. I’m really hoping for some sunshine, so that I can work on this tan before Jason and Mandy’s wedding next Saturday.

Monday night I went to Turbo and FitZone and burned a shit ton of calories.


In 45 minutes of Turbo, I burned 441 and in about 70 minutes of FitZone, I burned 590 calories – so awesome!!


See me?!

I was dead afterward and after a quick shower I was in bed and asleep.

Monday and Tuesday was the typical – shake for breakfast and salad for lunch.


Last night I met the girls out for some martinis and sushi. I ordered a dirty martini along with two spicy rolls. It was perfect! blog6

My workouts this week are pretty questionable since I’m not in my usual routine of things, but here is what I’m thinking:

Monday – Turbo + FitZone
Tuesday – CX PUSH Circuit #3
Wednesday – Turbo Fire HIIT 25 + Abs
Thursday – Insanity Max Interval Circuit
Friday – Insanity Pure Cardio
Saturday – Walk at the lake
Sunday – Rest!

POLAR FT4 Review

I’m so much happier with this product than I was the FitBit Flex.

It’s very easy to use, it calculates the exact data I need and seems to be very accurate. I wear the watch on my wrist, which shows me my heart rate during my workout and beeps when my heart rate is in the max zone and also beeps when my heart rate goes out of the training zone. There is also a strap, which I wear around my waist and that’s what’s measuring my actual heart rate.


The strap is adjustable and sits nicely right under my sports bra. I was nervous that it’d be uncomfortable, but I don’t even notice it.

The calories burned are consistent and I’m so happy to know what I’m actually burning.

I did like using the FitBit app on my phone, but since the Polar is so basic, it really doesn’t need one. I just pop my calories burned into MyFitnessPal and that’s my daily log, which is perfect for me!

I’d definitely recommend this product and you can find it pretty cheap on Amazon. Right now it’s only $62 – such a deal!

I won’t be back to blogging until Monday. I hope you have a wonderful 4th of July and weekend!!!

— Lauren




  1. says

    Hi Lauren,

    today I wore both the Fitbit ultra and the Polar FT4 when doing my workouts. The difference is quite big…
    At first I did 15 mins of exercise on the trampoline: Polar FT4 161 kcal, Fitbit 280 kcal. Not that surprising due to the type of exercise – I’m sure the fitbit mistakes a lot of the trampoline’s vibration for steps. S o I decided to go for a classic workout instead to compare the two.
    I did 30 min of Turbo Fire (Fire 30): I got my heartrate up really high, even around 200/min when doing the high intensity intervals, so I extended the breaks a little to get it back down to 150/min in between. Thus workout time was a little more than 30 mins.
    Results: Polar FT4 599 kcal, Fitbit ultra 376 kcal. Wow, now that’s a difference!
    After another 10 minutes of Stretch 10 the calorie count was 741 (FT4) vs. 404 (Fitbit).
    So, what to make of it?
    My impulse is to trust the heart rate monitor’s accuracy over the step counter, since it takes into account the exertion when exercising and the afterburn while the heart rate normalizes. On the other hand, overestimated calorie burn could really interfere with weight loss, if that’s your goal…
    At first glance it seems like underestimating the amount you burn during exercise (which I suspect the Fitbit does) will rather help your weight loss. But when counting calories and working out it’s also important not to under eat in order to be healthy and also to get the desired results. So the more accurate your device, the better.
    So for now, I’d vote for the Fitbit Ultra for steps and calorie burn during normal daily activities for an overview of your activity level (I don’t want to wear a pulse watch and belt all day), but then switch to the polar FT4 when working out to get a more accurate kcal count as well as the heart rate monitoring. If I had to choose only one, I’d definitely go for the Polar FT4, it’s awesome and great value for money.
    Hope this might be of use to anyone. Best regards,

    • says

      WOW – what a difference in the two. I totally agree with not wanting to assume you burned a ton of calories when perhaps it was lower. Typically, I underestimate when putting my total calories burned in MyFitnessPal anyway. I love my Polar thus far!! Thanks for your input!


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