Turbo Code

Ok…so a year ago when I had first started going to Turbo Kick at Urban Active, I didn’t realize there was a Turbo dress code. Don’t laugh. This is super serious.

When I showed up to my first class – I wore gym shorts, a tee and new balance tennis shoes. Now, I’m not saying there is anything wrong with this – nothing at all. However, I felt way out of place. Since I didn’t have any ‘Turbo Attire’ I knew I’d need to invest in a few items, mainly being – cropped tight black capris and turbo tanks (I like loose racer backs). The shoes of choice are mainly Nike Shox, Nikes Free Runs or what I call ‘wrestling shoes’. I love shox though and already owned a few pair, so that was no big deal.

Turbo girls & guys rocking turbo attire!

After a few weeks of going to classes and purchasing a few key items, I couldn’t believe how my performance in class had improved. No joke. Since I looked and felt like part of the group it really made me want to do better.

The reason I bring this up, is because last night, I wore…gym shorts, new balance shoes and a white v-neck tee to class. It was hot and that’s all I  felt like throwing on. Oh my goodness.

The whole time, I felt like a slob and like my performance was lacking – I couldn’t get my groove together at all – I simply didn’t feel cute enough to be shaking my booty!

Which leads me to the reason I am writing this post. If you don’t have cute workout clothes…go and buy them. I can’t stress it enough. When I feel like I look good during my workout, I push way harder. Sloppy sweats and big tees are no longer going to cut it. I know, I know, but you’re comfortable…save it! I promise, I’m right on this one!

There are so many stores offering cheap activewear now. Obviously, we’d all love to buy out LuLulemon…but since that’s not realistic, check out these places:

Old Navy < 15% off purchase right now!
Forever 21
TurboKick < major sale!

Chalene always gives permission to buy new tennis shoes. This is your permission, from me, to get yourself some hot new workout pants – ass pants – tight little ones that show off that toned butt you’ve been working so hard on. Throw the sweats out, please!!

Anyway, this day is flying right by and tonight, after work, I’m headed to Extreme Results. My goal is to at least do it once a week. I packed a few extra snack so that I can make it through with full energy.

Saving the p90x bar for a later date!!

Ok, I need to get some work done, Have a wonderful Tuesday and 4th of July – I’ll be working all day!




  1. DW says

    I’ve gotta put in a plug for Walmart. They have some great buys — $5 for wicking tanktops in fun, solid colors like neon yellow. I also just got a pair of black capri pants for $12 there. And they have a whole wall of sports bras. Very stylish and cheap for Turbo or other classes.


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