Good Afternoon and Happy Monday!

How was your weekend?! Mine was a nice balance of some relaxing time and some fun time out with the girls!

This week is going to be another crazy one at work, so I’m going to do my best to just stay on top of everything, keep organized and just tackle one thing at a time. I took care of some emails yesterday so that I didn’t have to come in early today. Blah!

Here’s how the weekend looked:


I met up with my friend, Kayla, for one happy hour drink after work. It was a very long Friday, so I just wanted to get home and plop myself on the couch – and that’s just what I did. I ended up falling asleep around 8:00!!


I woke up refreshed and well-rested – I needed the eleven hours of sleep, I guess!

I made some breakfast before heading to the gym – I had some MixMyOwn granola and my new favorite almond milk.

blog11Have you seen this brand yet?!

blog20I love how simple it is. It comes in coconut and vanilla, too!

At the gym, I completed 45 minutes of elliptical intervals and called it a day. It certainly felt great to have my workout over with my 10:00 a.m.

After a quick shower, I ran some errands with my mom and Ashley. I’m on the hunt for some new heels! I was unsuccessful, sadly, so I’ll probably refer to my fave website – 6pm.com. :)

After errands, I got ready to head downtown with my friend, Alissa, for a pub crawl. She asked me to join her last minute, but it worked well, because I had plans downtown later in the night anyway!

At 5:00, she dropped me off to Zia’s on the docks where I met up with my other girlfriends for a fun girl’s night! We got a hotel room downtown and just enjoyed the evening – out dancing and having a blast!

blog13Vodka + water + lemons, per usual.



I woke up pretty rough, but luckily we didn’t need to check out of the hotel until noon – score! I stayed in bed until 11 and then finally got my stuff packed up and ready to head home. We grabbed bagels on the way back, which saved my life!

Later in the day, I enjoyed an hour long walk at a local park – it was nice getting some fresh air! When I got home, I had a delicious fish taco with broccoli slaw and avocado.

blog15While I was in the kitchen, I prepped a big salad for the week and made my eggs for the morning. By 6:00, I was more than ready to hit the couch and not move!

I could’ve totally used one more day to relax and regroup before heading back to work, that’s for sure!

Here’s my workouts I have planned for this week:




Oh hi!

I’m alive!

Are you surprised? Yea, me too. I’ve been super MIA. So MIA in fact that I think the last 3 or 4 blogs I’ve posted my first line was, ‘Sorry for being MIA’. Well, it continues.

I can’t seem to get in a groove. I’m crazy busy at work and with the recent changes in life, my evenings have been spent staying busy, seeing friends, going out and heading to the gym. Don’t get me wrong – I love it all – I just have no time for ol’ F2BF and it’s making me sad. This blog has been my baby for three years – most recently being upgraded to self-hosted, which wasn’t cheap or easy.

I know I need to get a game plan and get back in the blogging game – I will and I’m trying!

Here are some things that have been going down recently…

My best friend got married.

blog10I booked a flight a couple weeks ago to meet my family in Florida for my sister’s 30th birthday. They all had their flights booked for a while and I was struggling to get the time off work. After pulling a few strings, I made it happen! I hopped on a plane, all alone, for the first time ever. #biggirlpants

blog2I couldn’t have done it without my friend, Emily, who took me to the airport and walked me inside – so sweet!

Florida was AMAZING!! Way too short, but great to be with my whole family, as well as my friend, Brittany, and her family. I hadn’t seen my brother, Michael, since Christmas, so it was a much needed family reunion.

blog3I’m so beyond grateful for them. <3

blog4 blog5



blog6I returned to work on Monday and work has been surprisingly calm, which I actually don’t prefer, but I’m trying to enjoy the down time because I know it’s going to pick up again. I head back to Florida in November for a week for a work trip — Florida three times over 6 months? I’ll take it!

This week, I decided to nix the coffee and start having the Bombshell Spell instead. I don’t plan on giving coffee up, I just felt as though I was relying on it too much, so I’m trying to cut down on it. So far, so good – it’s been 6 days! Plus, I’m loving the bombshell!

blog7I’m also trying to cut meat out of a lot of meals when possible. Again, not totally giving up, but trying to eat more veg friendly when the option is there. However, if I want some pepperoni pizza, I’m going to eat it!

blog9I enjoyed my salads this week with black beans and cottage cheese for the protein.

Workouts have still been great, although I’m playing with the idea of working with a personal training just a few times a month to get into a routine. I need someone to kick my ass. I need to sweat hard and feel like I can barely breath again. I miss that. Is that normal?! haha

blog8.jpg4I’m going to set up an appointment and just hear my options. Stay tuned!

For now, my workouts have consisted of morning lift sessions and afternoon or evening cardio. I’ve been incorporating the stair-climber in a lot to get a different burn in.

I’ve been enjoying my weekend workouts, too!

Moving forward, I have a lot of fun things planned – girl’s night out at a hotel for more celebrating of Ashley’s 30th, as well as, Angela’s bach party part 2, Make a Wish – Wine and Wishes Event, heading to Royal Oak to visit a friend and see the Tigers play, a possible trip to Chi-town, a trip to CLE to see a girlfriend, Angela and James wedding, Florida…

Oh my, I’m exhausted, but excited just looking at that list!

Well, I think we’re all caught up now. :) I think my goal is 2 posts a week for now – I can do that!

Thanks for continuing to pop in.

Talk soon – cheers!


30 Things

Today, my sister turns 30.

The big 3-0. If you’d ask her how she feels about it, she’d look at you, roll her eyes and grunt at the thought.

Let’s just say, she’s not thrilled.

However, I think she should be ecstatic! An entire new chapter of life to keep heading down a road of what-ifs and wondering what’s to come. How exciting!

In the 26 years I’ve known her, she’s taught me so much. She’s one of the best people I know, in fact, she’s my best friend.

blog5Here are 30 things that make my sister who she is and why I love her.

1.) always honest. She is never shy about how she’s feeling and will always let you know. While sometimes it’s hard to hear the truth, I’ve always admired how she speaks her mind.

2.) passion for her job. She could, and sometimes does, talk about work forever. She teaches children with Autism and the passion that comes from her words is undeniable.

3.) she has the best hair.

4.) her love for both my brother and I is so strong and I’m so lucky that we all have such an amazing relationship


5.) she’s my workout/accountability partner and motivator.

6.) without question, if I need her to, she’ll pay and never asks when I’m going to pay her back.

7.) seriously some of the best dance moves I’ve ever seen. Ask her about the song, ‘Swing’


8.) always late. I’ve just accepted it. It’s fine.

9.) my Saturday shopping buddy! She’s always up for a good spree!

10.) also always up for a good patio!

11.) she makes the best French toast.

12.) she’s always been the brown bear of the family and tans so well! I didn’t get that gene.

13.) not the cleanliest, but we’ve all accepted that it’s first child syndrome. We still love you.

14.) she was basically a professional on roller skates as a kid and would’ve challenged you at Ohio Skate.

15.) 6 words: she get it from her mama

16.) through break ups and bad times, she’s always had my back.

17.) totally a daddy’s girl


18.) always has had a great sense of style and puts outfits together that look great.

19.) always happy to have a girls night in or dress up and go out

20.) without question, will always be available to be my date somewhere


21.) my sounding board for every single event in life. she always has the best advice.

22.) there’s nothing she doesn’t know or that I don’t tell her. I love this.

23.) I’ll always remember a quote she had framed, ‘there are things you just grow out of’ it’s always stuck with me and it’s so true.

24.) her love for shoes! We both got that gene. ;)

25.) she’s a great friend. To me and our group of girlfriends.

26.) we live 5 streets apart and talk ever single day. I feel so blessed for this.

27.) her love for African American films will always make us chuckle. Hey, I get it, they’re good!

28.) her strength. It’s rare for her to cry and she’s always the one to keep it together.

29.) we’re so different for many reasons and don’t look much a like, but it always makes me smile when someone references our similarities

30.) she is and always will be the one and only brown eyed girl