Blueberry and Salted Caramel Blue Diamond Almonds

[This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds]

Good Morning!

I have another awesome product review coming to you from Blue Diamond Almonds. This time they sent me Blueberry and Salted Caramel Blue Diamond Almonds. Holy yum, right?!

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on these – especially the salted caramel almonds. I got home from work and saw the package on my doorstep and opened them immediately. They did not disappoint!

Both flavors are outstanding!

Lately, being as I have quite the stock of almonds, they’ve been my go-to pre-workout snack.

blog3They’re easy to toss in my gym bag and give me the perfect boost I need to go and get my sweat on. I like pairing them with a small piece of fruit, too!

Sometimes, I’ll give in to my sweet tooth and grab them for a sweet treat after dinner, which is always fun!

blog1I love how much the Blue Diamond brand is growing and really expanding their product line. There are so many options to choose from on their site and each new flavor is equally as impressive.

For more almond fun, head over to their Facebook page. They have the best photos, too!

What’s your go-to pre-workout snack? Would you prefer Blueberry or Salted Caramel?! 


Carbs Don’t Kill My Vibe! {Spaghetti Squash Pizza Crust}


How’s your week? Mine is going at turtle pace – for a couple reasons… my boss is out, so less work to do, anxious to see baby Brody tomorrow and wedding festivities on Saturday! I took tomorrow off, so only half day left and I’m done, which is good news!

This week’s eats have been clean and workouts have been hard. I’m tracking everything in MyFitness Pal again and trying to hit the ranges in which Jen has set for me. She has me eating between 100-150 grams of carbs and it’s so hard to get that many in. I’m just not used to eating so much. Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE them, but I got into the habit of not including them as frequently.

Especially when there are such great substitutes, like Spaghetti Squash Pizza Crust… am I right!? I made one for the first time earlier this week and let me tell you – it’s awesome. It’s also quite time consuming…but the end result is worth it!

My friend, Emily, (also the one getting married on Saturday!!), posted this recipe from Shared Appetite and I used it as a guide.


Heating, cutting, scooping and draining the squash are not my favorite things to do…

blog1However, playing with ingredients and snacking on olives while cooking is much more my vibe…

blog2and bitch don’t kill my vibe! Carbs shouldn’t either. So make this crust and thank me later!

Spaghetti Squash Pizza Crust


  • 1 Spaghetti Squash
  • 1 egg
  • 1 handful parmesan cheese
  • S+P (to taste)


Step 1
Cut the squash in half, then microwave for 10 minutes.
Step 2
Remove and let sit until cool enough to handle. Scoop out the seeds and then use a fork to remove the 'guts' and put into a strainer.
Step 3
Use a bowl that fits inside the strainer to push out as much of the liquid as possible. This can be done with a cheese cloth, as well if you have one.
Step 4
In a bowl, add the egg, cheese and S+P to the squash and combine.
Step 5
Spread the mixture onto a parchment paper lined baking sheet and put in a 400 degree oven. Cook for 20-30 minutes and then flip over.
Step 6
Add the pizza sauce and your favorite toppings. I used chicken, olives, mushroom and banana peppers.
Step 7
Cook for another 10-15 minutes. Let cool before serving, so the crust can harden a bit.


Weekend + Week Ahead

main1Hello, hello!

Monday already and holy cow….it’s August!! Someone make Summer slow down. It was in the low 60’s this morning and it made me anxious for football! While I’m not ready to see Summer go, I am excited for football Saturdays to be back. :)

The weekend was low key for the most part. Ashley and I grabbed a drink on a patio while waiting for salads to take home on Friday. We watched ‘Focus’ with Will Smith – it was pretty good – and crashed early.

Saturday, I was up and off to Renegade by 8:00. I had a talk with one of my trainers about goal setting and committing to getting back to goal weight. I set a long term goal and then each week I’m going to set a smaller one. This week is no white carbs!

I’m excited to re-focus and get back on the train. I’m tired of feeling uncomfortable!

When I got home I made eggs with butternut squash and greens – delish! I also grabbed a plain iced coffee to bring along grocery shopping.

blog6I loaded up on tons of veggies, eggs and chicken for the week.

Once home, I showered and headed out to meet my mom and sister to take my cousin to the zoo. It. Was. Insane. I can’t believe people do that for fun. It was so packed.

blog4Saturday night, Ashley and I headed downtown to have some drinks and meet my aunt and uncle out for a bit.


blog3It was good seeing them and catching up. I haven’t seen them in months!

blog1Sunday I slept in and then got moving to head up to the pool. It was gorgeous out. My parents came along and so did some friends. It was a fun afternoon!

blog2I got home and took a baby nap and then got ready for the week. Here’s the workout plan:

Weekly Workout Schedule: 

Monday – Turbo
Tuesday – Upper + Spin
Wednesday – Renegade
Thursday – Renegade
Friday – Legs + Cardio
Saturday – Cardio
Sunday – Rest

I’m looking forward to going hard all week and eating clean. Friday I’m going to visit my friend, Mandy, who just had a baby and on Saturday my friends, Emily and Ryan, are getting married – I can’t wait to celebrate with them!

I’m making a spaghetti squash pizza Tuesday and will share the recipe later this week!