Almond Breeze Almondmilk Hint of Honey Vanilla

[This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds]

I don’t do cow’s milk anymore.

Actually I haven’t really had it in years. I always buy one of the other varieties of milk out there like coconut, cashew or almond – I really love the Almond Coconut blend that Almond Breeze makes.

So when I was offered the opportunity to try the new Almond Breeze Hint of Honey Vanilla milk, I jumped at the chance.

I recently made Overnight Oats with it and that was stellar, but I also had a glass of it to fully enjoy the honey-vanilla flavor.

It’s awesome.

Neither the honey, nor the vanilla is overpowering. I anticipated it being more sweet than I like, but it’s not. Sometimes I’ll add honey to my Shakeology in the morning and this save me that step and doesn’t drown my shake in extra calories.




These stats aren’t too bad either. I figured with the honey, plus the vanilla, the calories would’ve been more per serving, but I can handle 50!

Soy & Lactose Free!
Almond Milk
60 Calories Per Serving
Support Honeybees
Protects What’s Good Tetra Pak
50% More Calcium Than Milk!

I’m loving all of the products that Blue Diamond has sent me to review. The flavored almonds in the last shipment were a huge hit and these selections are no different.

blog15I’m looking forward to using the almond milk in more shakes and I want to make homemade ice cream with bananas and add in the dark chocolate almonds, too.

Um, Right?! 

For more recipe ideas or to check out other Blue Diamond products, head over to their website!

Thanks for the goodies, Blue Diamond!


More Delicious Goodies from Blue Diamond

[This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds. They sent me some goodies to try and share with you!!]

blog15So much happiness in one photo.

Hint of Honey Almond Breeze
Blue Diamond Oven Roasted Dark Chocolate Almonds
Blue Diamond Oven Roasted Sea Salt Almonds

I was most excited about the almond milk and dark chocolate almonds. Duh!!

I debated what I wanted to do with them and inevitably felt it appropriate to pair my two favorites and make a Summer staple – Overnight Oats!

blog16You will need: 

  • Rolled oats
  • Blue Diamond Hint of Honey Almond Milk
  • Blue Diamond Oven Roasted Dark Chocolate Almonds
  • 1 T. chocolate chunks
  • honey
  • cinnamon
  • Himalayan seat salt

blog101.) Pour 1/2 cup rolled oats into a bowl and ass 3/4 cup of the almond milk.

2.) Chop up the almonds and chocolate.

blog113.) Add the nuts, chocolate, cinnamon and a tiny bit of salt to the bowl.

blog124.) Put in the fridge and let them soak overnight.


blog145.) Wake up and breakfast is served!!

Could it be any easier? Better question, does it get any more delicious?! This is certainly a crowd pleaser and one  I recommend trying ASAP.

The Hint of Honey almond milk is perfect. The honey isn’t overbearing and tastes so smooth. I can’t wait to have it in my next smoothie.

I wish the almonds were even more chocolatey, but that’s just because I love the double dipped chocolaty nuts, haha!!

Both of these are wonderful. Check them out!! For more information, head to the Blue Diamond website or Facebook page.



Where I’m At

Hi Guys!

Happy Friday – woot!

Four day weeks are the best – they fly right by. I’ll take 3-day weekends all the time, please!

This weekend brings low-key and hopefully productive days of homework, cleaning, meal prep and relaxing. I need to catch-up from being out of town all last weekend.

Since I’ve been so good at blogging lately…NOT… I thought I’d do a quick recap of where I’m at with everything:

  1. Life/Dating
  2. Food/Fitness
  3. Blog


Ok, first, let’s talk Tinder. I swore I’d never join…but, I ended up trying it out just to see and if nothing else, it’d be entertaining. Well, I surely am getting the entertainment factor. I cannot believe some of these profiles and what people actually think is a good idea. I know that most people probably don’t take it seriously, which is fine, but the way they portray themselves is…unimpressive to say the least.

Also…seeing the options of men in this area is mostly just sad. I’m like, c’mon, THIS is what I have  to work with? No wonder I’m single. Now, I didn’t really plan to meet anyone on Tinder, but at least get a couple dates maybe. I’ve had one. It was good, but no plans to see him again currently.

I’m just so old fashion, in that, I really would like to just meet a guy, the normal way, but since dudes are too scared to approach girls these days and would rather hide behind an app…I think I’m screwed. Or not screwed – since that’s not happening either, ha! #zing

I’m still trying to get a good balance of work, school, gym, and social time. School is REALLY just taking over life right now. Summer semester is only 6 weeks, so it’s just constant work, but once I’m through with the 6 weeks, I’ll have a good 1.5 months off before I start up again. I just need to keep trucking.

Other aspects of life are super fun, though! I have a blast with my sister and friends. We’re always doing something on the weekends and are typically go-go-go. It’s great! And now that Summer is finally here, getting dresses and skirts out again has been fun. :)


During the 12 days off of school, I was doing so good with my workouts – even getting in double days. Now, I mostly do homework on my lunch hour and after work, I try to get to the gym at least 3 days a week. It’s misery and so not me. Plus, the gym near my house is currently closed for renovation. We can use the other location, but it’s not the same. I’ve been Spinning there, but I miss turbo!

I still haven’t lost the 5 pounds I need to and I need a good ass-kicking workout, which leads me to…. I’m re-joining Renegade. CrossFit didn’t work out because I hated the bar work. Renegade is great because it’s everything I love – kettlebell, box jumps, rope waves, etc. without the bar. So, I’m headed there tomorrow to sign back up. I plan to keep my other gym membership so that I can still Turbo and Spin.

I know 5 pounds isn’t a ton, but I hate not feeling confident in my bathing suit. I want to feel good again. So, that’s the plan on the fitness end.

Food is ehhhh. I try to do as good as possible during the week, but weekends kill me. My willpower is still lost. If you find it, please send it my way — thanks! I did make my favorite Mock-chos and Quinoa Salad last weekend, which both are healthier and delish!

For breakfast this week, I made easy egg muffins, which have been great – I love those little guys!! And of course wine…all the wine!


I’m trying, I’m really trying to get more posts in. Sadly, it’s just at the end of the priority list right now. I have a lot of fun product reviews coming up, though. In fact, tomorrow I’ll be posting another Blue Diamond review with a recipe, so be sure to check that out!!

I leave for Florida in ONE month, so I need to use this blog as accountability and motivation to drop the weight over the next 30 days. Fingers crossed, tightly!!

Hang tight, I’ll be in and out as much as I can!

I hope you have a great weekend. :)