Happy National Running Day!

Did you know that today is National Running Day?!

You didn’t?

Well, neither did I, until I received an email from Post Foods regarding the new Grape Nuts Fit, which I also wasn’t familiar with until I checked them out.


‘Loaded with power-packed nutrition, Grape-Nuts Fit Granola is a nutritious way to fuel your everyday adventures. Combining granola, crunchy nuggets, cranberries, puffed barley, and a touch of natural vanilla flavor; every delicious serving contains 9g of protein and 30g of whole grain*.’

grapenutsSounds like a great post-workout snack, right?

While I’m not an avid runner, I do workout and I like to workout hard. I also enjoy mixing things up in the gym, to keep my body guessing and to continue seeing results. Now that I’m back at Renegade, I will train with them doing my favorite box jumps, rope waves, TRX, etc., and then I also will continue to go to Turbo, Spin class and lift!

No matter what workout you choose, it is important to remember to refuel your body. In order to repair your muscles properly, after a vigorous workout, they need to be replenished. Lucky for us, Grape-Nuts Fit can help us recharge with a healthy combination of carbs, fiber and protein to give your muscles the nutrients they need.

blog8In addition to the right foods, be sure you stay hydrated. Especially now that it’s Summer, and the temperature outside is hot and humid, aim to drink about 3 liters of water per day. Keeping enough fluids in your body, will help you from feeling hungry between meals, too. Don’t confuse dehydration for hunger!!

Lastly, rest up! Be sure you’re getting ample amounts of sleep each night, so that you don’t feel sluggish during the day and can accomplish everything you need to with ease and still get that workout in!

For morning information on Grape Nuts Fit, head here and if you’re curious about National Running Day, you can find more information here.

Are you celebrating today?!


Weekend Recap + Week Ahead

Hi there!

I’ve been pretty whiny today, so I’ll save the boring boo-hoos and just get right into how my weekend was and what this week looks like.


After work, I went home to be a little productive before heading to a friend’s house for grilled pizza.

blog2I enjoyed a couple pieces and some red and then headed home since I had a workout planned in the morning.


I was up and at em’ and off to the gym by 8:45. It was my first workout back at Renegade in about a year. It kicked my butt!! Oh my gosh. I have a lot of work to do, but it was awesome – jump squats, kettlebell swings, rope waves, val-slides, etc. all the stuff I missed so much!

I ordered a plain iced-coffee on the way home and started to hammer away at the homework situation.

blog5Eventually, I got my butt moving, showered, and met up with some friends for dinner.

Of course, I had to have a pre-dinner dirty!

blog6And so did Brittany! The other girls had Filthy Martinis (pickle juice).

blog1For dinner, I ordered the marinated grilled portabella with steamed broccoli and rice and beans.


It was really good!


Slept in. Ate breakfast. Back to bed… So much relaxation!

Eventually I knew I needed to get moving, so I showered and headed out to get groceries. Once back home, I did more school work and then turned on some music and got to prepping in the kitchen – my favorite Sunday activity!

I prepped: 

  • hard-boiled eggs
  • salads
  • tilapia
  • salmon
  • buffalo tempeh
  • fruit salad
  • brown rice

and had a wonderful dinner!

blog9This week brings A LOT of homework….ugh…I’m totally stressing about it. I also have some good workouts on the schedule between Renegade, Turbo and Spinning. These workouts are saving my head from exploding with school, so I plan to keep my dates with the gym, so as not to go too crazy!!

That’s about it. I had to cancel seeing my parents and having Girl’s Night because of the homework load I have. SAD FACE!!

I hope you all have a great week!


Almond Breeze Almondmilk Hint of Honey Vanilla

[This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds]

I don’t do cow’s milk anymore.

Actually I haven’t really had it in years. I always buy one of the other varieties of milk out there like coconut, cashew or almond – I really love the Almond Coconut blend that Almond Breeze makes.

So when I was offered the opportunity to try the new Almond Breeze Hint of Honey Vanilla milk, I jumped at the chance.

I recently made Overnight Oats with it and that was stellar, but I also had a glass of it to fully enjoy the honey-vanilla flavor.

It’s awesome.

Neither the honey, nor the vanilla is overpowering. I anticipated it being more sweet than I like, but it’s not. Sometimes I’ll add honey to my Shakeology in the morning and this save me that step and doesn’t drown my shake in extra calories.




These stats aren’t too bad either. I figured with the honey, plus the vanilla, the calories would’ve been more per serving, but I can handle 50!

Soy & Lactose Free!
Almond Milk
60 Calories Per Serving
Support Honeybees
Protects What’s Good Tetra Pak
50% More Calcium Than Milk!

I’m loving all of the products that Blue Diamond has sent me to review. The flavored almonds in the last shipment were a huge hit and these selections are no different.

blog15I’m looking forward to using the almond milk in more shakes and I want to make homemade ice cream with bananas and add in the dark chocolate almonds, too.

Um, Right?! 

For more recipe ideas or to check out other Blue Diamond products, head over to their website!

Thanks for the goodies, Blue Diamond!