The Week That Got Away


I’m working and blogging from Cleveland today!


Yesterday, after work, I hopped in (my new, amazing car) and headed to Cleveland to spend some time with Dan since I’m out of town this weekend for a bachelorette party and he was gone last weekend for a bachelor party. I needed my boyfriend fix!

Today, he’s working, so I’m taking the opportunity to have some me time and getting caught up where I’ve been slacking.

I slept in, which was amazing, then answered work emails, before heading the fitness room for cardio and upper body.


Afterward, I showered and hopped on a conference call, then got dressed and walked to Constantinos for lunch and dinner grub!

Let’s rewind to the rest of this crazy week…

As I mentioned, on top of a short work week, I also bought a car!


I seriously LOVE it! I drove my first car for almost ten years, so I was due, and I’m so happy with my purchase!

I kept up with food and fitness this week and stuck with only one workout per day, two of which were EARLY morning workouts!


So proud of myself for getting up at 5:40a.m. and getting my workout over with. Having my evenings free has been great! Don’t you just love my pants?!

Food was just a lot of easy things like eggs, wraps, and salads.


My pre-workout snack is always Ezekiel toast with pbj. I need to get something in my stomach to have energy to make it through the workout.

On Wednesday morning Emily and I did Cardio FIX, which is still one of my favorites!

I’m hoping to get some cardio in tomorrow before we get on the road, but well see. The rest of the weekend will be a wash when it comes to productivity…

I’m so ready for a low-key weekend!

I hope you’re having a good week and have some fun weekend plans ahead!!



Hello, hello!

Sorry I was MIA yesterday. I hope you had a wonderful weekend and great start to the week!

I’m a crazy lady this week – I’m leaving for Cleveland Wednesday after work, coming home Friday morning, packing and going to Put In Bay for my friend, Angela’s, bachelorette party and in the mean time buying a car and getting ahead of the game at work… HELP!

I decided on a car today and am planning to have it in my possession by the end of the day. I couldn’t be more excited!

Real quick, here are some snap shots from the weekend.

Friday night I went out with some friends for a drink and live music!

photo 2

I got up Saturday, made two eggs and Applegate Farm sausage for breakfast, grabbed a latte and hit the road with my sister to visit our friend, Meghan.

Saturday, us girls relaxed by the pool for a bit then grabbed a bite to eat and headed out for some fun!

photo 1

Sunday we ran errands and I got to go to Whole Foods, Trader Joes AND Nordstrom Rack. Talk about heaven! I got the most adorable Michael Kors jacket and a cute dress for an upcoming wedding.

Since this week is a strange one I’m not going to do the usual FOOD + FITNESS post. I’ll be all over the place. But here’s my tentative workout schedule:


Monday: Elliptical Intervals/3 miles
Tuesday: Dirty 30
Wednesday: Upper Body
Thursday: Lower Body + Cardio
Friday: Johnson and Johnson Power Workout
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Rest

Sorry to cut this short – so much to do! I’ll be back tomorrow. :)


How The Week Went Down + New Leg Circuit & Easy Dinner

Hello there!

Happy Friday to you!

Thank you for all your kind comments on my Realizations post from yesterday. It’s good to know that we’re all in the same boat!

Today, I’m going to wrap up the week in food and fitness, share a quick dinner recipe with you and also give you a new leg circuit, so let’s get right into it.


I’m kind of getting bored of eggs. I need to find a new way to make them, maybe in muffin pans so that they’re fluffier? I’m not sure, but I find myself gagging them down most mornings. I added an Applegate Farm sausage to them one day and that seemed to help. I really like eggs in the morning because they hold me over so well, but I’ve been struggling. Suggestions welcome!

blog1I had a lot of salads and I’m totally loving the Opa Greek Yogurt Ranch mixed with Franks as my dressing. There was also some Shakeology in rotation and snacks consisted of apples, almonds, pb, cottage cheese and cucumber. I used the same Opa dressing and hot sauce on top of my open-faced sandwich that I had for dinner one night.

It was super simple to throw together.

All you need is: 

  • 1 piece bread, I used Ezekiel
  • 1 laughing cow cheese (or any cheese you prefer)
  •  toppings of your choice; I did jalapenos, sauteed onions and chicken
  • Opa dressing + Franks


Spread the cheese on the bread, saute the onions, add your toppings, bake for 10-12 minutes (I popped into toaster oven), take out and top with dressing.

So easy, so delicious and perfectly satisfying.


Going into the week with a stocked kitchen and plan made for a good week! I need to keep the prepping going – when I skip doing that is when I fail. Hopefully I’ll have an hour or two to dedicate to grocery shop/meal plan and prep this Sunday.

Last night I enjoyed a cocktail with the girls and the wedge salad in above food collage. It was good to catch up and see my friend, Britnye, who’s in town from Colorado.


I left GNO early to head over and see Dan since he leaves for Chicago today. It was nice treat to see him during the week!


Another great week of workouts! I woke up sore after leg day and my upper body is tight from yesterday’s lift, too. It makes me feel like I’m actually working the muscle – I like it!

I was so happy to get back to live Turbo class earlier this week, as well as, do some TurboFire DVDs at home. That program will always hold my a special place in heart! Ashley and I knocked out TurboFire 40 on Wednesday and tonight I’m going to do the 55 minute DVD.



Other workouts included:

Monday: LIVE Turbo + Abs
Tuesday: FIX Dirty 30 + Elliptical Intervals
Wednesday: Lower Body Lift + TurboFire 40
Thursday: Upper Body Lift + Abs
Friday: TurboFire 55
Saturday: Rest 
Sunday: Rest


I’m getting a little bored with my current lifting routines and need to switch up anyway, so I created this leg workout and it was awesome!


I love adding the extra cardio bursts in there to really get my heart rate going. I used 20 pound dumbbells for this, but you can use whatever weight you’re comfortable with.

As mentioned in my post yesterday, I’m going to try to get better about  not working out twice a day all the time and giving my body more time to recover. I may start incorporating active rest days and just jog outside or do PiYo.

The upper body workout I did yesterday was found taken from Popsugar and at first glance I didn’t think it’d be hard enough, but I can assure you – it was!


I loved this workout and will be including it next week in the rotation, as well!

How often to you change up your workout routine? Would you rather do upper or lower body? How good does that sandwich look?!

Have a great weekend, friends! I’m off to Columbus in the morning with my sister to visit my friend, Meghan!