Blue Diamond Almonds {honey dijon + honey roasted cinnamon}

[This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds. They sent me two new flavors of almonds to try out; Honey Roasted Cinnamon and Bold Honey Dijon.]

Let’s just say, both canisters were gone in no time at all, so it’s a real good thing I snapped some pictures prior to writing this.

blog2I started with the BOLD Honey Dijon almonds. I’m a huge Dijon fan, so I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed and oh my… I sure wasn’t. These are packed with flavor! I literally had to stop myself from eating them or I would’ve finished them all in one sitting.

In case you were wondering, in one serving (28 nuts) there is 170 calories, 15 grams of fat, 6 grams protein, 2 grams sugar and 115mg sodium.  Sounds like a great snack to me.blog1Once I moved on from the Dijon, I was ready to try the sweeter, Honey Roasted Cinnamon version. Again, zero disappointment! They had the perfect amount of cinnamon, sugar and honey and they weren’t overly sweet. I’d love these in a salad with pears and goat cheese. Oh. Em. Gee. Right?!


I’m a huge fan of almonds as a snack, although the plain variety gets a little boring, so I love the option of the flavored kinds as a way of mixing it up a bit!

blog4Blue Diamond has released an entire line of HONEY flavored products, from almonds, to Nut Thins and even Almond Milk. How good does ‘Hint of Vanilla Honey’ Almond Milk sound?!

Blue Diamond remains committed to investing in bee health research and instituting industry-leading practices to ensure healthier bee colonies. Blue Diamond recently donated an additional $100,000 to Project Apis m., a non-profit organization whose mission is to direct research that will enhance the health of honey bees while improving crop production.

Project Apis m. is committed to providing growers with healthier bees resulting in better pollination and increased crop yields. Blue Diamond believes in their mission of pursuing science-based solutions to honey bee challenges.

Pretty cool!

In doing some research I found a recipe for Honey Dijon Almond Salmon. That WILL be happening here in the near future! Once it does, I’ll be sure to share a recipe and review. The Blue Diamond website also has a ton of recipe ideas, which is helpful, too!

Head on out and get yourself some of these new, honey bee, supported almonds!!

For more information on Blue Diamond or the honey bee project, click here!


Productivity for the Win!

I accomplished soooooo much over the weekend. I went to bed last night feeling so much better about life! I’ve been putting off a ton of stuff and over the weekend, I managed to check a lot of it off the list. It feels wonderful!

Both Friday and Saturday I kept it low key, so that in the morning I could get working on my To Do list, right away!


It was my friend, Jeremy’s birthday, so I met up with everyone for his birthday dinner at Longhorn. As a non-steak eater, I was sure to check the menu so that I had a plan before showing up. I ended up with the Strawberry Peacan Salad and Cajun Rice. It was pretty good! We went out for a couple drinks afterward, but I was home and in bed by 10:00pm.


I was up and at’em by 7:30, which felt so good! I lounged a bit and then got ready to meet Ashley at Turbo.


A Saturday workout…. who knew those still existed?! We got our butts kicked and then I headed home to knock out a couple hours of homework. I’ve been putting off a group project that’s due soon, so I really needed to buckle down and make some progress on it. While I worked, I drank an iced coffee and ate some eggs with mushroom, banana peppers and salsa – delish!

blog12Around 3:00 I got ready to head out to church where a ton of my family was meeting for Mass. Afterward, Ashley and I decided to grab dinner and drinks at Revolution. I was so good. I ordered a Spicy Margarita to start.

blog16For dinner, we decided to split the brussel sprouts and walleye tacos. It was all awesome!

I called it an early night again and wasn’t even mad about it. :)


Well, early to bed…. early to rise. I was up at 6:30am – wide awake. I watched some TV, then cleaned a bit and then decided to head to the gym around 8:30. I completed 25 minutes on the elliptical, 15 minutes on stair climber and 10 on rowing machine. That’s my new favorite cardio mash up!

When I got home, I made Vanilla ShakeO and hammered away at some more homework. blog11A couple hour in, I made an easy snack of cashews and an apple!

blog13Again, I had to stop and get ready, as I had plans to meet up with some friends for a couple drinks and the Walleye game. First patio drinks of the year, woohoo!

blog17We made our way up to the suite and ended up mainly just watching the Masters – I think we all forgot there was even a hockey game going on! It was a nice way to end the weekend since I was so low key on Friday and Saturday. I came home and headed right to bed – even with such a low key weekend – I was still tired! I went to bed feeling extremely accomplished though and that made for a great start to the week.

This week, I’m only working through noon on Thursday since I have the Mud Hens opening day game followed by Hocking Hills the rest of the weekend. I’m really looking forward to the little break from school and work. :)

Since it’s a short week, here’s what I have planned:

Weekly Workout Schedule

Monday – TURBO
Tuesday – Lower FIX
Wednesday – Cardio
Thursday – Upper FIX
Friday – Hiking
Saturday- Hiking

I’m happy that even though I’ll be away for the weekend, I’ll be getting in some exercise on the hikes – I’m certainly looking forward to that!

Food, as previously discussed, will be the 21 Day Fix Meal Plan that I created for myself last week. Here’s how today looks:

blog18So far, so good!

Now I’m off to Turbo. I hope to post again this week, but if not a have a full recap of my trip next week!

I hope your weekend was great!


Focusing on the Fix {Vegetarian Meal Plan}


We’re slowly approaching Spring weather – I think and really hope! It was 50 degrees this morning, which was pretty great! I also have my meal plan done, which is so exciting, right?!

blog9This week was a rather odd one, in that, I was kind of a grouch and not motivated for much, plus the amount of school work I have right now is insane. It’s the end of the semester, so there’s a lot to complete over the next few weeks. I’m going to use this weekend to be productive and really knock some of it out.

I tried to stick with my FIX plan this week, but did detour a bit. I also didn’t get in as many workouts as I would’ve liked, but like I said, it was just totally that kind of week. I’m hoping to make it to the gym this weekend, both Saturday and Sunday to make up for it!

Monday night, after Turbo class, I made my way into the sauna and just let the sweat fall. I think that’s going to be a new tradition to detox from the weekend. It was awesome!

blog2Tuesday I was up bright and early to get in an upper body workout before work.

blog3I’ve been playing around trying to find a routine I like. Once I get one I I’m happy with, I’ll be sure to share it! Typically I do three set of ten reps, but I tried going heavier with my weights and less reps – I was super sore!

Food this week was a mix of salads, salmon, brown rice and tempeh, fruit, hard boiled eggs and Shakeology.

Typical Breakfast: 

blog4Typical Dinner: 

blog5 That’s a favorite. I flavor it with Bragg’s Liquid Aminos. Delish!

I finally completed my meal plan. As a vegetarian, it makes things a little more tricky, and while I’d like to forgo dairy, I’m going to start slow with this plan. I think in week 2, I’ll remove dairy, but this is a good – I think!!


What’s great about the FIX is that you can totally make it work with the food you typically eat. The one major thing I’m removing is creamer. I’ve been sticking to plain iced coffee and sometimes I splash of soy milk and I have to admit – it’s so good! I don’t even miss my lattes. :)

My next post is going to be all about grocery shopping and food prep while on the FIX. I think I have this down and want to share my tips with you.

Only a couple more hours and it’s the WEEKEND! I hope you have some fun stuff planned. I’ll be back with a recap on Monday.