Double Up

Good Morning!

Happy Tuesday and happy short week/long weekend to me! I took Friday off and Monday is a holiday, so I have a four day weekend ahead and couldn’t be more excited. Ashley and I are taking off to our friend, Brian’s, lake on Saturday morning. I’m more than ready for a lake weekend! Winters in Ohio are just so long. Cheers to Summer finally being here! :)

The weekend was a good one and felt long, which was nice. Friday night I had a date downtown and then met up with Ashley and Brian at the bar. It was a low-key night and I headed home shortly after. I woke up early, made eggs and headed to Turbo, which was fabulous. Ashley met me at my house and we headed out and ran a ton of errands and grabbed sushi for lunch. Eventually, we got ready and headed out for a Project iAm event where Joan Jett was playing. We ended up getting poured on, but tried to make the most of it!

blog5Sunday I had my friend, Mandy’s, baby shower, which was adorable – she got so many gifts! I can’t wait to meet Baby Smo!

blog3Over the next few weeks, I’m not sure how my workouts will end up going. Sadly, my gym is closing for three weeks for remodeling, but they’re allowing us to use the other location for free. I just know it’s going to be packed, so I’m guessing there will be a lot of at-home workouts. Luckily I’m well equipped…

blog4And to think that’s only what I keep in my gym bag, I have even more programs at home. I’ve still been loving T25 and came in this morning to knock out a DVD. I might stay after work and double up and do another one, too.

Yesterday, I completed 2 miles on the elliptical and T25 at lunch and then I went over and did TurboFire 55 with Ashley!

blog1We were good and sweaty!

Afterward, I ran to the grocery store to stock up. Food for the week will include:

BREAKFAST: Eggs with veggies, ShakeO, Overnight Oats
LUNCH: Salads, ShakeO, Tuna Wrap
DINNER: Pita Pizza, Salmon Patty and Buffalo Cauliflower, Tempeh and Kale Chips
SNACKS: Cottage Cheese and Strawberries, Apple and Cashews, String Cheese and Cucumber

Since it’s a short week, I need to eat what’s in my fridge, so that it doesn’t go bad while I’m away. I’m trying to decide what healthy snacks I can pack and what our contribution to meals can be. Here are a few ideas I have that look good:

Southwestern Chopped Salad with Cilantro Dressing

Chickpea, Avocado and Feta Salad 

Colorful Quinoa, Black Bean and Corn Salad

Fresh Corn, Tomato and Mozzarella Salad

Superfood Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette  << A favorite!

Healthy Mediterranean 7-Layer Dip

Loaded Veggie Dip 

Anyone else hungry now? These all look so good! :)

Have a great week, I’ll try to pop in before leaving for the lake!


Just Another Manic Monday

Back to the grind…

Hard boiled eggs, oats, and some Starbucks to start off the day!

blog6My weekend was perfectly low key for the most part – I did a lot of sleeping – I think it was much needed!

Friday night I had plans to go downtown for my friend, Kayla’s, graduation/moving party. We all got dinner and then made our ways to the bars.

This happened on the way…

blog2Not sure what my plan was, but it makes me laugh!

There ended up being a lot of people out and about – it was a fun night!

blog1Saturday I was up early to get ready to head to Ann Arbor with my mom. We went to the mall, I got some new heels from Aldo (my fave) and then we hit up Trader Joe’s to stock up on all the goodies since we don’t have one near us. $200 later, we were out the door and headed back home.

Once home, I showered and napped while it rained – it was perfect! I got up and headed back to my parents’ house to lay low and have dinner.

I went home to crash early and slept in until 9am on Sunday!

I got up, made some eggs, threw some laundry in and then headed to the gym for an hour of cardio.

blog4Thanks to SATC the hour flew by!

Afterward, I showered up and headed to meet up with Ashley, dad and mom for Mother’s Day lunch!

blog5We had some drinks, split some apps, and I had a veggie burger over greens for my meal. I went to Ashley’s house afterward, where we both took baby naps and the started 50 Shades of Grey!!

When I got home, I prepped some meals for today and crawled in bed to watch Pitch Perfect, listen to the rain and crash early – I guess I needed to play catch up with sleep.

I’m well rested today and ready to tackle the week. The plan is to get lots of workouts in, here’s what I’m thinking:

Weekly Workout Schedule

Monday – Lower Body T25 + Turbo
Tuesday – Spinning
Wednesday – T25 + Turbo
Thursday – T25 + Upper
Friday – T25
Saturday – Turbo
Sunday – Rest

Food this week will include:

Tempeh, buffalo cauliflower, egg muffins, kale chips, Salmon patty on Ezekiel pita, Shakeology, and lots of salads!

I hope your weekend was great and your week ahead is easy with wonderful weather!

I have more Blue Diamond posts coming your way, so stay tuned. :)


The Week + organicgirl Super Spinach Egg Muffins {FIX Approved}

Good Morning and TGIF!!

I can’t believe how fast the weeks are going. Now that it’s getting warm, I’d like it to slow down a bit – I do not want Summer rushing by. I’m so ready for laying in the sun, outdoor concerts, family vacation, patios and everything else that comes with warm weather. Well, except the whole bikini part… I’m not quite ready for that, but I’m getting there!

T25 has been so so so awesome! I’m addicted. I find myself doing it twice a day sometimes because it’s so quick, but effective.

blog4I also did upper body yesterday and am feeling it today. I love being sore!!

Food this week was fun. A lot of FIX approved meals that were super delish and easy.

I’m loving the Ezekiel pitas – they’re so multi-functional. One night I made a Morningstar buffalo chicken sandwich with organicgirl Super Spinach, dijon, goat cheese and jalapenos.

blog2Another night I used the another pita for a pizza, with broccoli, mushrooms and jalapenos.

blog7In addition to those meals, I also made an Ultimate Reset favorite of mashed chickpeas with avocado and veggies!

blog5Oh. Gosh. I love these! So random, but surprisingly tasty!

On Sunday, I had taken care of weekly meal prep and made myself some egg muffins for breakfast, which were a lifesaver this week. They re-heat perfectly, topped with a little salsa, they’re such a great go-to. Plus, I love getting a serving of veggies in whenever I can. :)


organicgirl Super Spinach Good Morning Muffins


  • 8 Eggs
  • 5 Button mushrooms (diced)
  • 1 Small Head broccoli (chopped)
  • 1 handful organicgirl Super Spinach (chopped)
  • S+P (to taste)


Step 1
Cut up all of the veggies.
Step 2
Scramble the eggs.
Step 3
Add the veggies to the eggs and scramble all together.
Step 4
Scoop into muffin pans. Don't fill completely, they'll raise.
Step 5
Put into a 350 degree oven for 30 minutes.
Step 6
Refrigerate and serve all week!

I always love the opportunity to cook with organicgirl good, clean, greens! They really are so beautiful and fresh! For more organicgirl recipes, head over and follow their Pinterest boards! Plus, they’re having a Supercharge Your Summer contest right now and you could win a YEAR of free greens AND a FitBit!

Starting May 1st a board titled Supercharge Your Summer was created that is filled with tons of recipes and infographics about organicgirl. The idea behind the contest is for fans to create their own organicgirl supercharge your summer board that includes at least four pins from their board. Submit the link to your board, and you’re entered to win a year of free greens + a FitBit. Check it out, here

*I was sent the greens from organicgirl for free, but the opinions expressed are all my own. 

2 muffins = 1 red, 1 green :)

Last night I had a fun girl’s night out. I enjoy a spicy marg, my favorite, and marinated portabello mushroom ‘burger’ for dinner – it was all so good and being outside made it even better!

blog8Tonight I have a graduation/moving party downtown on the docks, which should be a good time and the rest of the weekend I plan to lay low!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! Enjoy your day!