The Balancing Act

Good Morning!

Already mid-week, how wonderful! Today is day 11 of the Ultimate Reset and I’m feeling awesome! I’ve been sleeping so good. Today, my body clock woke me up at 5:30, 45 minutes before my alarm, so I got out of bed and made it into work early to blog. :)

I haven’t had much to say on here other than discussing the cleanse because my meals are based on what the book is telling me to eat and I’m not supposed to be exercising (although I have been doing some light work outs, shh!). Since I’m half way through the cleanse, I thought today would be a good time to discuss the balancing act and how I’m going to make life work, post-cleanse.

If you want to read more about the Reset, I’ve posted about it here, here and here

My New Year resolution was to do a better job of balancing my life. I need to find time for things like workouts and blogging and I need to make it a priority to see my family and friends. In addition to that, of course there’s work… and because I really want a full plate, I decided to go back to school. It’s all great, because I love being busy, but I’m going to need a plan to keep my head on straight!

I want to continue meal planning similar meals to the Resest once it’s complete and that can all go down on Sundays for the most part – so, I’m not too worried about that. My main concern is getting my workouts in and allowing myself the hour to go to the gym and not feeling guilty that I’m not at home studying. I’m also playing with the idea of going back to Renegade, as I have never been stronger as I was the months I spent working out with Jen and Chris. There are also other gyms in the area with similar workout styles that I need to checkout, too!



blog3If I do that, I plan to still keep my regular gym membership, so I need to crunch numbers and see if A.) I want to take on the extra bill each month and B.) If I’ll allow myself the time to go there without worrying about school while I’m there.

I’m putting together a tentative schedule to start getting used to the idea before I make any decision. Here’s what I’m thinking:

Monday: 6am lift – no class, study at night
Tuesday: Cardio – workout at lunch, class at night
Wednesday: Renegade – no class, study after workout
Thursday: 6am lift – class at night
Friday: Cardio – no class, workout before or after work, TBD
Saturday: Renegade
Sunday: Rest or light cardio

I know if I WANT to make it work, I will. Everything is just an adjustment when you add things to an already full plate. Working out is a huge priority for me, though and I want to make sure I’m making time for it for my physical and mental well-being. The cleanse is over on January 31st, so February will be the start of this new plan. By then, I’ll have decided about Renegade and will be in a routine with school, work and personal stuff…. hopefully!

I’m going to be 27 in 13 days and I’m feeling really good about where my life is at. I keep saying 2015 is MY year and I wholeheartedly believe that it will be. I have a lot going on and I’m really excited for what’s to come!

I saw this sign in Austin while I was there for Christmas and decided it’s going to be my new motto!

blog1I hope your day is great!

There’s so much more in store for F2BF, so stay tuned!


Ultimate Reset – Week 1 – RECLAIM

Well, ladies and gentlemen, Sunday completed one week down and now I only have two more weeks to go!

Here’s a short description of the Reclaim phase:

‘During these first seven days you’ll begin to alter your diet, slowly removing foods like red meat and dairy that put stress on your digestive system and tilt your body toward an acidic state. You’ll also be introduced to four of the six supplements that make up the Ultimate Reset™ protocol—Alkalinize, Oxygenize, Mineralize, and Optimize.

In Week One, you’ll rehydrate your body (most of us are living in a slightly dehydrated state) and reactivate sluggish cell function, along with shifting your body’s pH (level of acidity) back toward a healthier, alkaline state, and away from any excess acidity that can weaken your body’s functions.

Once your body has been primed, balanced, and strengthened on a cellular level, it will be primed to continue the process of releasing accumulated toxins.’

Week one food was great – it was a lot of foods that I eat normally like quinoa, tempeh, eggs with spinach, fruit and yogurt, so it wasn’t too shocking, sometimes I just wanted to snack or have an extra serving, but obviously refrained.


blog6I had to Alkanize once a day and the taste of the green powder blend doesn’t bother me at all.

Here’s a recap of how I’m feeling:

Mentally: It’s definitely harder this time around than the first. I’m already itching for the end, but I know how happy I’ll be when it’s over, so I’m going to keep pushing through.

Sleepy: Not really, more foggy in the beginning. Now, I’m super alert, getting great sleep, and full of energy throughout the day.

Hungry: Not all the time, but here and there I get stomach grumblings. Mostly mid-morning since I eat breakfast at 8:00am and not again until 1:00pm.

Mood: This is questionable because I was PMSing mid-week, which made me grumpy, for sure!  Otherwise, mostly chipper and happy!

What I miss: Working out, cup of coffee, wine!

How I feel physically: Much lighter and less bloated. Clothes are already fitting better!

Weight: I’ve lost two pounds so far. Week two and three is really the game changer and I’m excited to see the results to come! Reports from Ashley are 3 pounds loss and Cali is at 4.6 pounds lost!

It was a decently easy week. I’m ready to keep looking ahead ans pushing through to the end! Stay tuned for more. :)

blog4Preparing for the Ultimate Reset


Preparing for the Ultimate Reset

Hi there!

Hope your week is great. I’m on day five of the UR and feeling great. :) I will do a full recap of week ONE on Sunday. For now, here are some tips for prepping and planning ahead when deciding to do the Reset.


Since this is my second round of the Ultimate Reset, I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks along the way  and wanted to share with you to help make the process a bit easier.

Committing to 21 days of a specific meal plan, removing meat, alcohol, caffeine and dairy from your diet, and having a regimented supplement schedule can be intimidating, but here are a few pointers to reduce any stress and get you excited!

1.) Buy the program and commit to a day you’re going to start.


Don’t do what I did and give up on your healthy lifestyle in the meantime before starting! The first time I completed the UR, I started on a Wednesday, as they recommend in the program guide, and this time, I started on a Sunday. I 100% prefer Sunday. We did all of our produce shopping on Saturday and got to meal prep and plan on Sunday – it was great!

2.) Recruit a buddy.


It’s always best to have an accountability partner and this is no different, in fact, it’s really beneficial to have someone to share the experience with. They can do non-drinking/dining activities with you, you can shop for groceries and meal prep together and they’ll totally understand what you’re going through during the process.

3.) Print the shopping lists from the online portal and begin shopping.

You can start buying the non-perishable items, so as not to endure such a large grocery bill when you begin. Another perk of having a buddy is splitting up items that you don’t need the full amount of to save money and waste.

4.) Begin weening caffeine as soon as you set a date to start.


If you’re a coffee lover, you will for sure experience caffeine withdrawals and suffer from a few days of headaches if you cut it out cold turkey. Take time to slowly remove it from your diet; starting with less cups per day or switching to every other day until you don’t need it at all. Start replacing with decaf herbal teas, if needed, as those are allowed during the cleanse – I’m a big fan of Peach teas!

5.) Clean out cupboards and refrigerator.

You’ll want to use up items in your fridge and make sure to clean everything out, prior to starting, so that you don’t risk being tempted by any leftover foods and treats.

6.) Take measurements, before photos and record weight.

You’ll want to be able to compare Day 1 to to Day 21 to see your results – in weight and inches. It’s a good motivator to see where you started and the progress you’re making throughout.

7.) Accept that you will NOT be working out.

During the Reset, working out is not allowed since your body is working in so many other ways to reboot itself. Instead, during the process, enjoy the chance to take three weeks off to do other things; take time to listen to your breathing, stretch and take light walks.



Please let me know if you’re interested in the Ultimate Reset and I can help you get started, or visit my site for more information!